CSCHAT is voluntary civil association which associates owners and fans of the breed Akhal Teke in Czech Republic. The main aim of CSCHAT is to contribute by its activities to increase the quality of breeding in Czech Republic.    



About the association

CSCHAT was founded by constitutive meeting 30.8.2003.

The main reason was the situation in Teke breeding in Czech Republic at that time – in principle till 2002 the only breeding center was the farm of Havlicek´s husbands in Chrastava. Due to financial problems, they have to stop their activities and most of the horses were sold through the  bankruptcy proceedings to new owner. As most of people were interested to coordinate thein breeding activities and to register thein Tekes in mother stud books (since 1991-2002 no Teke born in Czech Republic was registered within the Russian studbook), there was organized meeting in June 2003, where was also invited Mrs. T.N. Ryabova, the chief inspector of breeding from Russia. During this meeting Mrs. Ryabova visited Czech breeders and register their horses.


After June meeting followed several preliminary meetings, which flew into the foundation of CCHAT.   

Later CSCHAT became the member of MAAK and undersigned the contract about cooperation with VNIIK.

In May 2008 CSCHAT became the member of ASCHK CR (Union of horse breeding associations) – this is the biggest horse breeding organisation in Czech Republic, which associates different breed associations and run studbooks for several breeds.    




Since 2004 representatives of CSCHAT participated in the biggest Czech equine exhibition „Horses in Action“ which take place at the racetrack in Pardubice. CSCHAT is presented Teke breed and itself in own stand.


In 2008 in the cooperation with Racing Club Pardubice CSCHAT organised first flat race for Teke horses, which took place outside the area of Russia and Turkmenistan. In 2009 was held the race for the second time.



The chief inspector of breeding, Mrs. Tatyana N. Ryabova, regularly visits Czech Republic and evaluates the horses. Last visit took place in August 2009. 


CSCHAT arranges the registration of purebred and partbreds Teke horses in Russian studbook, not only for its members, but also for other subjects.


Photo Michaela Purnochova