The Year 2009


The year 2009 was the sixth year of existence of Czech Akhal Teke Association.

It was the year quite full of events, not all of them of positive character unfortunately.Let´s take things in order:

On general meeting of association in March, firstly in history of CSCHAT, was excluded one of the members, Mr. Hofman. The reason was the steady disturbing and damaging of association´s activities, same as menacing of other members and people. Not so long after excluding from CSCHAT, Mr. Hofman was  arrested and now he is in a execution of a punishment for crimes against property. Most of his horses changed the owner before arresting and now they are at the farm of Mr. Khabliev in Slovakia. Three horses fell into bancruptcy proceedings, but also these find new owners succesfully and their health and condition were stabilised.

At the beginning of May partbred gelding Eman succeeded in endurance competition CEIJYR* for 80 km in Babolna, Hungary, where he finished 4th with average speed of 18,3 km/hod.

First Saturday in June partbred mare Allaster with her owner and rider Karin Kormanova finished 2nd in national endurance competition for 60 km.

Weekend later, June 13th, took place race for purebred Akhal Teke horses „Prize of Boinou“ for the second time, at the racetrack in Pardubice. The company Kraupner s.r.o. gave the generous prize money for the race, 50.000 CZK. Nevertheless only four horses participated. Mingam (owner P. Maresova) repeated his victory from the last year, the second finished Damask (owner Z. Skopalova), third Polotlize (owner Farma GG), fourth Dubler (owner P. Maresova). Unfortunately other planned races didn´t take place due to small interest of owners.

7.-9.8.2009 was held championship „Teke Mania“ in Luxemburg. Czech horses were represented by horses of Mrs. Novotna – Albion placed 2nd in the category of 2 years old, Alnissa placed 2nd in the category of 3-4 years old mares and 2nd placed also Altair in the category of 5-12 years old stallions. The second Czech breeder who came to Luxemburg, was Mr. Cerveny (Dalida company). His Abnar placed 6th in the category of yearlings, Anthares placed 4th in the category of 2 years old and Almazar 5th in the same category, Sheitan Shael placed 2nd in the category of 3-4 years old stallions and Prett 5th. The president of CSCHAT, Ms. Maresova, was the member of judge committee together with T.N.Ryabova and Dr. Christian Schacht.

Since August 12. till 18th, CSCHAT hosted the chief inspector of breeding, Mrs. Ryabova. Twelve breeders were visitek and over 120 purebred and partbred Tekes were evaluated.

The first September weekend was held the exhibition „Horses in action“ in Parudibce for the eleventh time. CSCHAT has own stand there, horses were presented by Damask (owner Z. Skopalova) and Mingam (owner P. Mareosva) and guests from Slovak studfarm Alania, stallions Asket and Gagur.

Week later took place international endurance competitions in Warka (Poland), where in CEI* competition for 80 km won Allastar with Karin Kormanova and it was not their last success.

10.-11.10.2009 were held endurance competitions in Most (Czech Republic) – in CEI* competition for 89 km finished 1st Allastar and Karin Kormanova, bonus for Karin was the victory of her second mare Alakma with rider M. Vesela in competition for 51 km.

From the breeding view, the year 2009 was the year of colts – in total were born 20 purebred foals (three of them were presently exported to Slovakia), 19 of them colts (!) and only one filly. Partbred foals were born 3 (two fillies, two colts).

In November took place another general meeting, this time electioneering. Presidium was elected without changes (President P. Maresova, 1st Vice President Z. Skopalova, 2nd Vice President K. Kormanova). New treasurer was elected H. Zyrkova, for Supervisory Committee were elected V. Barsa, P. Gal and E. Slukova. New webmaster is Z. Skopalova.

New website of the Czech AT Association is the project with the aim to provide breeders and fans of breed with actual information from all of the world and to distribute information education in relation to Teke breed – continuously will be added articles from history, breeding, sport, etc.

If you have any suggestion, what you would like to see on our web, please, don´t hesitate to write us.

We wish you and your horses all the best in 2010! 


Petra Marešova


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